Virtual Sound Studio

Music is a big part of my life. However, I had never recorded a song or used a virtual sound studio. With this project I learnt the more technical part of music, which was very different from what I’m used to (the more artistic part of music).

In this project, Carlota, Carmen and I had to create a song using different sounds. It was difficult at the beginning, because we really didn’t know what sounds to use. However, after brainstorming many ideas, we decided to do a song that represented both, the daily rutine and the fact the every day is different.

To depict the rutine we used various sounds that you can hear on a dailybasis: cars, people, birds, water… On the other hand, to represent the “special and different” part of the day, we created melodies with the instrument that we play: the guitar, the clarinet and the flute. In addition we also added sounds from Soundtrap, the program that we used.

After a lot of time editing the sounds, making them merge and combine together (we did all of that with the platform Soundtrap), we finally obtained the final result, which we were really proud of.

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